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My student life

When i apply to URBE i didnt know if i should study here or study on LUZ, because if i wanted to study at LUZ i have to wait for 9 months but when i got accepted at URBE i was very happy my first semester was September-December of 2009 and i started to study right away, i study really hard trying to get good grades trying to get my goal that is to be a public accounter

My university!

Urbe is a big university it has seven buildings inside, a library, a lot of places to eat and there is a lot of people that study here so you can make a lot of friends, i really like my university, i have a good schedule and the teachers are nice

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This is my neighborhood

My neighborhood is very quietly and friendly, it doesnt have too much traffic, its a very safety place for public transportation, there are three schools near, some of my neighbors like to gossip, there are a lot of stores near so you can go shooping when ever you want, A lot of my family live in the same neighborhood, ants, uncles and a lot of cousins =)

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My Errands!

Every day, i wake up at 6am, i go to the university at 7am, i get home at 12 pm, in the afternoon i usually study and watch tv, somedays i play at the computer and i like to ride my bicycle, every two weeks i go to my dentist appoinment, on the weekends i sleep a lot and clean my room.

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miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

Trends in URBE

The new trends that exist it is the use of the blackberry it is possible to say that 99. 99 % of the students of the university has one since the mode is these mas to have it for power like that communicated with what happens to I show around, on the one hand it is good since it facilitates information necessary to the moment to investigate, to going down between other one, but on the other hand it is a bit bad since there are many students who do not enter to his class or inside them they are is dependent on what he him sends and leave aside the class and tends to go out badly.

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